The Starting Point…


So although you can find out about me on the ‘About Grace’ page I feel that I should delve a little more into why I am doing this!

Truthfully – I am a former fattie who has a bad relationship with food and eating! I have never been one to eat properly or pay much attention about what is going into my body. I hit a point 4 years ago where I realised I was too big for my 5ft1 frame and my lazy lifestyle was not doing anything for me.

This photo taken of me in Sri Lanka in 2008 was the changing moment. I finally saw how unflattering my body had become and I decided to make a change!! (I do look awful!!!) At this point I weighed over 70kg.

For the first year of my lifestyle over haul I didnt excersise at all. I fully concentrated on diet after diet and although I did loose 9.53kg I never really found the healthy balance I needed. I started on Weight Watchers and then when that platued I became vegitarian (this didnt last long!). Then my relationship broke up and I just didnt eat! At least I had managed to get to a healthy 60kg and I had started to model a little bit too.

I soon fell into a relationship with my now husband and this is when my fitness started to change and saw some really good results. I joined a gym and after a year of regular excersise and healthy eating I gained some excellent results and my weight was down to 54kg and a good amount of muscle mass. This was 3 years ago now and I have never looked back.

Since then we got engaged, fell pregnant, have gotten married.

We have had a little boy (who was born at just 25 weeks gestation) and he is now 1!

And after all that I am finally back in the gym but this time its not just about looking good. I now want to really focus on my training and my diet to see just how far my body can go. I have been given a challenge to compete in female bikni next year (not bodybuilding!!!) and I would love to think I can take it up.

And this is me now!

For me this blog is my training log, my food diary and most of all my fitness journey!! And I hope you can enjoy it with me 🙂


Grace xxx


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